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Breathe deeply. Slow breathing and meditative practices like qigong, yoga, and tai chi decrease the stress hormones that raise blood pressure.


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Dave McDowell_r2_c3LMT, Quantum Therapist.

My life after college with a degree in music began as a piano teacher and soon progressed to a piano technician as well. I still pursue my musical interests and continue to tune and repair pianos to this day.

I took a side trip into the corporate world and became a chief financial officer and chief information officer for 20+ companies in a group of closely owned entities during the 80’s and 90’s. I also owned my own businesses for a short time in the early 2000’s until the universe suggested that I pursue my true calling as a massage therapist.

After receiving many years of gift certificates for massage therapy from my family, I was inspired to go back to school at the end of 2002 and received my massage therapy license (LMT) in 2003. I have my national certification in massage therapy (NCBTMB), and I am licensed to practice in the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania. My myofascial release (MFR) studies have included basic and advanced myofascial techniques in 3 courses – MFR I, MFR 2 and MFR3 – in addition to the following advanced coursework: soft tissue mobilization; 2 courses in working with cervical, thoracic and pelvic osseous structures; 2 courses in unwinding; a rebounding course, a 40-hour skill enhancement course at the Sedona, AZ Barnes Clinic (Therapy on the Rocks) and a course in subtle energy.

I believe that my mission as a massage therapist is to assist and facilitate that natural well-being that exists in each of us. As an expert John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapist, I am able to utilize my extensive education and enhanced skills to pursue this mission. MFR is a holistic approach to well-being. This method is a journey into better understanding yourself. An individual’s healing comes from within their essence. It sometimes just needs some help to reveal itself.


Inspiration Corner

  • When our only reality becomes emerged within an “exaggerated importance “of material wealth we feel a certain lack and so, we desire more and more to fill this void.  In truth the material riches of this illusive reality we have created cannot fulfill a spirit robbed of the unseen treasures that are life’s true gifts.  May Peace, Light and Love surround you and yours always, D

  • Sometimes it is our fear and need to know the outcome that keeps us from stepping outside of our comfort zone and grabbing hold of the opportunities that offer us the greatest potential for growth.

  • The cycle of life begins with the innocence of pure acceptance, becomes entangled within the insecurity of doubt only to rise from the mire blossoming into the radiance of knowing and wisdom.

  • Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.

    Saint Francis de Sales

  • Listen, for within the whisper of the wind and the soft rustling from the leaves of the trees lie the wisdom of long forgotten truths.

  • Listen, for within the whisper of the wind and the soft rustling from the leaves of the trees lie the wisdom of long forgotten truths.

  • Life offers us many opportunities.  However, to truly experience the potential we must first be willing to choose and embrace the possibilities.

  • The color of one’s skin and the beliefs they hold are simply the cloak one wears and the staff they carry as they travel life’s journey.  What connects us all like family is not found in the outside appearance but rather in the light from within, which is the brilliancy of our individual Beings.

  • How often have you asked, and then when the very thing you have desired is offered you hesitate to grab it?  Perhaps the time has come for you to recognize the abundance that is within your grasp.

  • It is important that you take responsibility for your life.  After all, it is you who created your experiences.

  • Be happy, be healthy and be whole, for your tomorrows are created by the choices you make today.

  • Learn from the past, hope for the future, but always live in the now.

  • The only real obstacle in your life is the one you believe you cannot overcome.


  • Learning to love unconditionally is the key that will unlock the door to understanding your true life’s purpose.

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